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Norman Bryant
As most of you are now aware of, Norm passed away
October 24, 1999 in a boating-related accident. He was 49.

Services for Norm were held at Unity Church in
Seattle. Norm was eulogized by family
and friends. Many people on THE MACHINE's
email list sent their condolences via email, and
those were passed on to Norman's family.  Some

of the letters were read during the service.

Several people got up and said lovely things
about him. Letters from Norm's home town

were read too.
We learned so much about Norm
that we didn't know. Some of it you wouldn't
picture...Norm as a BOY SCOUT?!

Finally- Jim, Lyle and Bryan played and sang
the Beatles song "In My Life" and led everyone
in singing "Amazing Grace".

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Norm sings "Cream"
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Thanks to all of you who sent condolences via email.
They were gathered together and given to Norman's family.

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